All Inclusive Subscription FAQ

  • Can I change my aroma oil refill at any time?

    Yes, simply log into your account and change your next refill for the scent you like. Make sure you do it well in advance so we ship out the right oil.
  • Do I have to Subscribe to get a 15 day trial?

    Yes you do! This will just make it easier for both you and us to have you properly set up in our system. We will need your shipping and billing info so we can send you our awesome products. Your account will be fully set up so when you do decide to proceed with your Subscription you don’t have to...
  • How do I sign up for a subscription?

    This is easy! Choose your desired scent machine and essential oil blend, make sure you pick the right fragrance diffuser that covers your desired space. Then go to checkout and pay for your order.
  • How often do you ship?

    For Aromini and AroMini Plus we ship every 1 month. For AromaPro its every 3 months. For Air Streams, our commercial HVAC scent machines, we ship every 6 months.
  • How often will I get charged?

    You will be charged for your All Inclusive Subscription Plan monthly.
  • Is this a lease to purchase?

    No it is not. The equipment and oils always remain the property of AromaTech.
  • What is an All Inclusive Subscription?

    Subscribe and Save. Our All Inclusive Scent Subscription Plan provides the most flexibility and control over our scenting services. For a low flat monthly fee you will receive a scent machine and aroma oil refills shipped to you regularly so you will never run out. Oh and did we mention that ship...
  • What’s a Set Up Fee?

    Set up fee is our initiation fee, it includes your first and last months payment as well as one time shipping of our products to you. Your monthly charges will start on the second month and you will never have to pay for shipping again.
  • When is my first payment due?

    Once you are signed up and set up your monthly dues are going to be withdrawn on the second month. Remember your first month will be prepaid in our set up fee.