• Can I connect the AroMini to an external timer?

    Absolutely. We encourage you to connect your AroMini to our external Bluetooth Module to control when you want your device to diffuse. You can purchase a BlueTooth Timer from aromatechscent.com.
  • Can I set the AroMini BT to start scenting from my car or work?

    It depends on how close your car or location is to the unit when you're sitting in it. The AroMini BT uses bluetooth technology which connects from your phone's application. Bluetooth has a range of approximately 100 meters (which reduces the larger the barriers between you and the device is). Yo...
  • Can I use any essential oils in this diffuser?

    You should use only AromaTech fragrance oils because other oils and blends may contain heavy carrier oils that could cause your AroMini to malfunction or clog - voiding the warranty.
  • Can I use any power cord with the AromaCube?

    No you can't. A proper power cord is available for purchase through our site.
  • Does my diffuser tube have a blockage, bug or something else impeding the oil from being dispersed and scenting my space? I see something odd in the tube.

    The answer is almost all cases is no. All of the AromaTech diffusers, except the AromaCube, have a wire mesh filter in the oil pickup tube. Often it's over looked during the initial setup, and noticed during cleaning or troubleshooting of the diffuser. Rest assured that it's completely normal a...
  • Does the AroMini run continuously?

    The AroMini diffuses for 150 seconds and shuts off for 30 seconds to provide the ultimate scenting experience.
  • Do I need to adjust the AroMini BT?

    Yes! AroMini BT is a very powerful device that can handle small and large spaces. If the diffuser set too high for the room size, it may cause discomfort. Adjusting the scent intensity is easy. Simply use the controls on the device to adjust intensity up or down, or use the Scenting App. Start at...
  • How does AroMini BT differ from aerosol and ultrasonic diffuser?

    Aerosol sprays diffuser very large particles that drop to the ground the moment they are sprayed, providing very high concentrations just in the area they were sprayed. The scent effect is very short and can’t be controlled. Ultrasonic diffusers use water and vibration to diffuser very tiny amoun...
  • How do I install batteries?

    Simply open the battery cover at the bottom part of the AromaCube and insert 3 AA batteries. Close the cover and press the Power button on the side of the AromaCube.
  • How do I pair my AroMini BT to my phone?

    Step 1 - Plugin your AroMini BT to an electrical outlet Step 2 - Open Scenting App Step 3 - Find the AroMini on the list of available Bluetooth devices Step 4 - Enter the password, The default password is 1234 Step 5 - After you enter the Password, press Login Step 6 - Adjust Schedule as desired ...
  • How do I reset the password on the Scenting App?

    To reset the password, please hold the power switch for about 3 to 5 seconds, until you hear a beep sound. The password will have been reset to the default password which is 1234.
  • How high should I set the intensity?

    The AroMini is adjustable for smaller or larger spaces. Avoid setting the intensity too high for a small space, which may cause discomfort. To adjust, simply move the dial on the power adapter between Min. and Max. to achieve the desired intensity.
  • How long does the AromaCube run before it shuts off?

    AromaCube essential oil diffuser runs for 2 hours before it shuts off. To resume press the power button on the side of the diffuser.
  • How long will the batteries last?

    Depending on your usage the batteries will last you 2 months or longer.
  • How often do I need to change the cotton pad?

    If you are using the same essential or aroma oil over and over again, there is no need to change the cotton pad. If you are always changing fragrances, we recommend to replace the pad for every new essential oil you are using. To purchase more cotton pads check out our online store at www.aromate...
  • How strong should I make the scent?

    Remember, less is more. AroMini BT allows you to get rid of bad odors and create your perfect ambiance with small amounts of scent. Unlike other air fresheners, AroMini BT can be adjusted via the Scenting app or manually from Grades 1 - 9. Do it right!
  • Is AroMini BT safe to use with children and pets?

    Yes. When used as directed and only with AromaTech essential and aroma oil blends, AroMini BT is the safest cold-air diffuser available.
  • Is this diffuser eco-friendly?

    The AroMini is one of the most environmentally-friendly products you can buy. Made from recycled aluminum, the AroMini uses no phthalates or propellants and produces no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Is this diffuser safe for children and pets?

    Yes! When used as directed, your AroMini is completely safe for the whole family.
  • The App is asking for my password, does that mean the machine and the schedule have turned off?

    No, the App requires the password be re-entered after set period of time has passed. Your machine is still running the schedule you have input into the app even if your phone is no longer paired to the diffuser.
  • The number on the display has turned off, is my machine off?

    No, the number on the display will go blank after a short period of time. The machine is still running at the last setting or schedule from the app. To “wake up” the display touch any button or reconnect to the app.
  • Warranty and Support?

    All products designed by AromaTech come with a one year limited warranty. If you have any questions or issues simply call 1-877-347-5239 or email us at help@aromatechscent.com and we will be happy to assist you.
  • What batteries does the AromaCube use?

    The AromaCube uses 3 AA batteries, the batteries are not included with the AromaCube. Optional power cord is available for purchase.
  • What if I can’t smell the fragrance from my AromaCube?

    If your device is running on batteries, make sure the batteries are properly installed. If using a power jack, confirm the power adapter is plugged in to the device and an electrical outlet. Press the button on the side of the AromaCube and the LED light will turn on. Double check the scent pad i...
  • What if my AromaCube does not turn on?

    Check to make sure the batteries are brand new and are properly installed. If using a power adaptor make sure it is properly plugged into the DC power jack, and the electrical outlet. Press the button on the AromaCube to turn it on, a soft LED light will light up and you will feel the air flow fr...
  • What if my unit does not scent or there is almost no scent coming out?

    Check first there is aroma oil in the bottle and the bottle is screwed in straight and snug. The diffuser core may be clogged and need cleaning. Please see “Care & Maintenance” instructions.
  • What if my unit does not turn on?

    Power adapter may not be properly plugged in; ensure that the power adapter is properly plugged into the DC power jack and the electrical source. CAUTION: Always be cautious of where you are placing the AroMini. Make sure it cannot be tipped over as that may cause some aroma oil to leak out. Keep...
  • What is the warranty on the AroMini?

    This product and all products designed by AromaTech include a one-year limited warranty. Using oils besides AromaTech oils may cause the AroMini to malfunction and will void the warranty. Please call 1.877.347.5239 or email help@aromatechscent.com with any questions.
  • What size room can the AroMini BT scent?

    AroMini BT is fully adjustable for different size rooms. It is most effective in spaces from 10 to 1,000 sq.ft. (10 to 92 sq.m.).
  • What type of oils can I put in my nebulizing diffuser?

    Use only AromaTech diffuser blends; other blends and oils may contain base oils that could result in malfunction - voiding the warranty. Many single note essential oils should not be used in the diffuser. Single note essential oils may have a thick or heavy consistency that can clog the diffuser ...
  • What type of oil should I put into the AromaCube?

    The beauty of the AromaCube is that you can put absolutely any essential oil or room fragrance you desire. Use it with your own fine perfume or AromaTech essential oil blends to create your own ambience.
  • Where can I place the AroMini BT?

    You must place the AroMini BT on a flat surface where it can take full advantage of the natural airflow in the space. See the User Guide for details.
  • Where should I place the diffuser?

    The AroMini should be placed on a flat surface in an area with plenty of airflow.