General FAQ

  • Can you provide ratios of your scented oil blends?

    We are not able to provide ratios of our blends.
  • Do you offer financing?

    Yes! Simply visit Sezzel for finance approval and apply it at checkout.
  • Do you sell shower diffusers?

    We do not sell shower diffusers.
  • How does your rewards program work?

    How does your rewards program work? We have a rewards program setup for you that provides the following rewards; EARNING TYPE | POINT VALUE --- | --- Place an Order | 10 Points for every $1 spent Signup to site | 500 Points Share on Facebook | 100 Points Like on Facebook | 100 Points Celebrat...
  • How do I disable or re-enable SMS shipping status notifications?

    If you wish to disable the SMS order notifications, please do this: Reply to message: STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, or QUIT will unsubscribe the number from receiving notifications Reply to message START or YES will resubscribe
  • How do I return a product using your returns portal?

    1. Login to our returns portal at this url 2. Enter your Order number, and Email address used on the order Order Number: C10420 Email: USER@DOMAIN.COM 3. Click 'Find your order' 4. Select the items from your order you wish to perfor...
  • What are your shipping terms?

    WHERE WE SHIP FROM All orders are processed and shipped within a day and to ensure fast and accurate delivery, all orders are shipped out of our centrally located distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona. USA. May take longer during Black Friday and the holiday season. SHIPPING INFORMATION Most o...
  • What's your telephone number?

    You can reach us by telephone at 1-877-347-5239
  • Where can I find the MSDS / SDS Sheets for AromaTech Scents?

    You can find them right here in PDF format to download Apple Pie - SDS Australian Coast - SDS Awaken - SDS Baby Powder - SDS Bamboo - SDS BBQ - SDS Bedtime - SDS Bergamot Orange - SDS Birthday Cake - SDS Bloom - SDS Breathe Easy - SDS Calming - SDS Casmir - SDS Chocolate Chip Cookie - SDS Chocol...
  • Who do you ship with?

    Based on our warehouse location and your shipping address, we determine the most efficient shipping carrier for your order. The carriers that may be used include, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), FedEx Smart Post, FedEx.